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'Everyone makes mistakes', says teen who karate-kicked 74-year-old man into River Mersey

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I boarded a Diamond bus and bought a day saver, but got a NX Bus on the way back - I bought a single NX ticket instead thinking my diamond ticket wouldn't be eligible. Would it have been?

if it wasn't specifically an "nbus"/"nnetwork" ticket then it would've only been valid on the operator you bought it on


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Yeah I had second thoughts about posting it after I saw how miserable the article was, but the title sold it. The girls definitely deserve heaps of praise.


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Perhaps you're right in some respects, his name is now besmirched forevermore in our dodgy papers. It still does feel like barely any time for something so cruel and heartless though.


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What a bloody disgusting sentence, poor sod could've easily died.


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doesn't help that the Young Labour presense in Birmingham seems to be incredibly poor. I'd love to get more involved but all I can find are dead Facebook groups and not much else.


COMMENT May 06 '21

Same here - it's really cool. Means the area round Victoria Square looks ace without any wires spoiling it.


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ah, I didn’t know this. makes sense though, I can’t imagine the batteries lasting too long otherwise.


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yet the wires dont seem to be up yet

It's my understanding that south/west of Grand Central the trams run on battery power, so you won't be seeing any wires along Broad Street/the Hagley Road.


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if you lose your debit card you lose the account, what? here in britain they’ll just send out a new card with a different number - no fuss.
perhaps i’m misunderstanding?


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I would’ve swapped Holloway for the Rotunda but otherwise this is a great show. It’s cool how simple you can make models while still keeping them recognisable.


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I’m afraid they’re not. National Express scrapped them all a few years ago and I don’t think Arriva/Stagecoach have ever had them round Cov. The W Mids is currently bendy-bus-less :(


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I use Bitlocker on Windows and LUKS on Linux and both would be accessible on another computer providing you have the password/recovery key.

As far as I'm aware, there's no way of preventing a drive only powering up when connecting to a specific machine, though I'm not sure why you would want to do that in the first place.


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Prove it, buster!


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yep. I’ve given most major providers a go and Voda/EE are my suggestions for Birmingham. Three is acceptable but O2 (giffgaff) are just dire because so many people are with em.


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if there’s anywhere around Bournville you’d fancy I’d be able to help 👍🏻


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Not quite as posh as Bournville, not as quaint as the Kings Norton Green and not as trendy as Stirchley. Truly the high street of compromise.


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Yep - Pershore Road outside the Co-Op.

r/CasualUK Dec 30 '20

Drunken Father Christmas currently being given a talking to in Birmingham after pissing himself at a bus stop. Must’ve been a hard shift this year…

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I can recommend Kanteen in the Custard Factory and Kafenion in Bournville, though I’m not sure either has indoor seating atm due to CV :/


COMMENT Dec 07 '20

I’ve never used Photoscape but I can vouch for Darktable being pretty cool. Definitely recommend it.


COMMENT Nov 27 '20

Can definitely vouch for Insync, especially if you catch it on sale. The licenses are per-account as well, so you can use it on Win/Linux at the same time.


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you jest, but I saw people complaining that r/ThinkCat got all the love so I thought I’d give man’s best friend a spot too ¯\(ツ)

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Requesting r/ThinkDog; (only mod/creator of the subreddit) has deleted their account

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